August 14, 2009

“Netroots Nation” features President…Bill Clinton not Barack Obama

     Well, leftovers beat a fresh meal any day.
     –And where’s netters fave John Edwards and his posse of partners (not including Lewinsky…yet)? No keynote address for him?

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July 15, 2009

Disabled person disses assisted suicide; or, “Not Dead Yet”

     On the whole “death” tip: see Jane Campbell in the Guardian, Assisted dying: not in our name: Disabled and terminally ill people reject the view that our lives are a tragic burden. We can speak for ourselves – hear us now,

     Today I and hundreds of other disabled and terminally ill people want you to know, we do not want assisted dying to be legalised for “people like us”. I will speak in the House of Lords against proposed amendments to the coroners and criminal justice bill that seek to set this country on the road to legalising assisted dying and, ultimately, euthanasia for people with terminal conditions. …
     The amendments’ supporters are unable to reconcile the fact that with the exception of a few vocal individuals, backed by the powerful Dignity in Dying, assisted dying legislation is not supported by the people it is intended to benefit. They appear not to have noticed that the days of others knowing what is best for disabled and terminally ill people are past. We are now empowered and we know what we need to play a full part in society. We want help to live – not help to die.
     If the state were to sanction any person to assist another in the ending of that person’s life, it would put at risk the lives of the very people who need every encouragement to live. We would be feeding in to the stereotype that our lives are so tragic, burdensome and insufferable that we must want to die. It takes extraordinary personal will to rise above such views. Many do not, especially when such views are held by loved ones.
     Concern among disabled people about the assisted dying bill led to the formation of “Not Dead Yet UK” in 2004, an organisation of disabled and terminally ill people alarmed that proponents of assisted dying were often going unchallenged. We wanted to show that opposition to euthanasia was not confined to the medical profession and faith leaders, who have been dismissed as defenders of vested interests and religious zealots. That is why it is so important that you hear our voices today. …
     …If I should ever seek death at those times when my progressive condition challenges me, I want to know that you are there supporting my continued life and its value. The last thing I want is for you to give up on me, especially when I need you the most.

     Not dead yet! –Amen!!

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